Eiko & Koma Debut Their New Site-Specific Dance, Water, to Kick Off Lincoln Center Out of Doors

While a concert was wrapping up at Damrosch Park, hundreds of spectators gathered around the Paul Milstein Pool on the other side of the Metropolitan Opera House to witness the premiere of Water, a site-specific dance performance by Eiko & Koma that kicked off the start of Lincoln Center Out of Doors. The two performers draped in white and covered in white body paint slowly made their way into the still water. Spotlights illuminated the figures movement in slow-motion, casting shadows onto the Henry Moore sculpture behind them, as their reflections rippled in the pool.

Don’t come expecting a spectacle, the piece is slow and meditative. The ghastly appearance of choreographer-dancers Eiko and Koma are reinforced by the minimalist soundtrack provided by two-time Grammy Award–winning Native American flutist-composer Robert Mirabal. Standing in the middle Manhattan, Water in an exercise in patience, slowing down the rhythm of life. Arrive early to get a seat around the perimeter of the pool for this hour-long performance.

Water will be performed nightly through Sunday July 31st at 9:30pm at the Paul Milstein Pool at Lincoln Center’s public plaza (behind Avery Fisher Hall).

Performances of Water coincide with the July 19 opening of Residue: An Installation by Eiko & Koma, a major exhibition at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts that features artifacts collected during the Retrospective Project.

River at Night by Eiko & Koma

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